New project Mooch

09 September, 2015

Good time of day everyone!

Recently, we promised to tell you about our new project... well it is time!

A few words about the game:

Mooch is an arcade experience where player must rely only on his reflex and agility. Main protagonist is puppet Blink who starts dangerous mission to find soul pieces of his friend Tula. Watch your every step. Even passages that seem safe may hide deadly traps.

Game Studio Crank Goblin has created an amazing game world that fascinates players through its dark atmosphere.

The game's plot has been carefully translated into Russian language. And the game itself will force you to sweat a little. So go for it!

Cost of the game — 129 in the Russian Federation and $4.99 in CIS
Russian language — Yes (Interface, Subtitles)
Achievements — Yes
Steam trading cards — Yes

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